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Merritt and Emma

April 26, 2017

This was by far one of our favorite engagement photography shoots. Not only were they  one of the few couples to actually make the drive to beautiful mountain scenery, but  they are just a fun couple to hang out with. We started in a secluded wilderness area near the lake nestled in pine trees.

At this point, somehow, I, Carlos,  tried to say both their names at the same time and mixed their names together and began calling Merritt Emmitt. Huh…Such a terrible thing. All of a sudden I couldn’t say Merritt any more, only Emmit. It turned out fine since they both have a great sense of humor. We got lots of laughs out of it and they will probably never let me live it down. I am practicing getting it right for the wedding.


Afterwards, we walked through the trees and ended at Big Bear Lake with the view of snow capped mountains in the background.

Merritt and Emma are one of those rare couples who have a good head on their shoulders and have sought wisdom in what marriage is all about. They have placed Jesus at the center of their relationship, and we have no doubt they will have a lasting marriage. Congratulations Merritt and Emma! We look forward to photographing your wedding day.

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